May 5, 2020





May 5th, 2020, 1:00 p.m.

Zoom Meeting

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President Michael Cassidy.

PRESENT:  Trustees:  Michael Cassidy, Julie Duff, Nancy Meyers, Pat Montgomery, Dickson Pratt, Jeff Pryor, and Richard Tucker.  Library Director:  Kristen Moberg.  Owner’s Rep.: Monty Guiles  Pam Kraft, President of PARC


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Julie moved and Richard seconded that the April minutes be approved as presented.  Motion passed.

NEXT MEETING:  June 2, 1:00 p.m.


FORECASTING IMPACT:  Jeff suggested we have a short presentation at each meeting on possible upcoming challenges, such as lower tax revenue, etc.  Dickson indicated that our current tax rate would be unchanged for two years.  The money we receive from car sales and licensing will probably go down.  Dickson will check on how this is calculated.


Budget:  Dickson presented current information on the budget.  We have received more revenue from Friends.  About $1.226 million of the project has been completed and paid for minus our retainage.  We have approximately $1.799 million which is close to the final cost.

Costs for moving out appear lower than anticipated, but final amounts are not in yet.

Building Expansion/Remodel:  The punch list was done on the expansion and the Certificate of Occupancy were received for the expansion and move-in has begun.  FCI is still on time for completion.  Trades are being brought in one at a time to facilitate social distancing.  The landscaping budget came in under the line amount.  

PARC:  Pam Kraft requested information on our two art installations from their group.  The Horse will stay in the same place.  The larger “Heron” will be moved to a new secure pad near the corner by the sign.  Pam requested that we make sure these items are included in our insurance.  Kristen will check on this with our agent.

RE-OPENING OF LIBRARY:  Kristen would like to re-open for curbside delivery on childrens’, Young Adults, DVDs, and new adult items.  She has presented a plan to the Ouray County Emergency Group, but has not heard back.  If she doesn’t hear fairly soon, Nancy will write a letter to send to the group from the board.  Once a date has been cleared with them, information will be sent out to patrons by e-mail, on the library FB page, and in the local paper.  

INSURANCE RENEWAL:  Kristen will check on coverage for attorney fees if necessary and coverage for the art pieces and other outdoor items.  

DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  Kristen and the staff are busy working on how to provide services this summer.  There will be reading logs, reports, and drawings for prizes.  They are also working on providing craft packages to be done at home.  Ilsa has been writing personal notes to the children that have taken part in the Young Adult activities.  Amy is working with Voyager.  They will be cutting the number of children in their programs to enable social distancing.  

Kristen has ordered a set of books for a classics section.  She will be ordering a few new things, but that will be curtailed until the remodel is done.  

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.