June 2, 2020





June 2, 2020, 1:00 p.m.

Zoom Meeting

CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President Michael Cassidy.

PRESENT:  Trustees:  Michael Cassidy, Julie Duff, Nancy Meyers, Pat Montgomery, Dickson Pratt, Jeff Pryor, and Richard Tucker.  Library Director:  Kristen Moberg.  President of Friends:  Beth Williams


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Misspelling of one word will be corrected.  Dickson moved and Pat seconded that the minutes from the May meeting be approved as corrected.  Motion passed.

NEXT MEETING:  July 7th @1:00 p.m.  on Zoom unless otherwise directed.


FRIENDS:  Gail delivered a check to the library for $8800.  Money was retained that is to be used for the purchase of a sewing machine and supples until the library is ready to purchase these items.  The paper hearts that have been hanging in the library will be sent out to donors with a thank you note and probable completion date on the addition/remodel.  Grant writing will be done in the fall and toward the end of the year.  Buell Foundation will be first and they will be focused on items for the younger children.  

FORECASTING IMPACTS:  The “Heroes Act” as it pertains to libraries was discussed.  Julie volunteered to stay informed on this act as it moves through congress so we can stay prepared to request funds.  Kristen will put together a proposal and amount for possible uses such as laptops for patrons to use.  


Budget:  Dickson reported that we are in good shape on the budget.  FCI is coming in under their estimate and on time or early.  

Building Expansion/Remodel:  There has been good response from FCI on issues raised about the project such as the toilet models and the lighting on the north side.  The walk-through for the punch list is scheduled for the 13th.  Monty and the architect will attend.  Dickson and Kristen will attend as our representatives.  

Move:  Jeff has contacted Yo Mama’s movers. Their bid is $185 and hour for three men and equipment.  Michael moved and Julie seconded that we approve the bid from Yo Mamas.  Motion passed.  They will move the items from the trailer to the library starting on the 18th.  They thought they could do it in one day, but will have the 19th available if needed.  Jeff and Beth will arrive in the morning to direct placement of the shelving units.  Jeff will call the volunteers when they are ready for us to come down.  

Landscaping:  Dickson reported that a new landscape contractor has been chosen as the original company could not get it done in the allotted time.  They should be starting soon.

Beth asked about including a Discovery Garden on the south side as a donation had been made by the O’Learys for naming the one originally slated for the north side.  Nancy volunteered to call Marti to see if she would be on board with this and would like to be involved in the process. Jeff and Dickson have volunteered to be involved in the landscaping process.

REOPENING:  Kristen reported that Phase One of the reopening is going well.  They have put out 204 books and 28 dvds. The summer reading program has started.  Thirty-five  craft kits were assembled and only three are left.  

The Safer at Home has been extended to July 1.  Library Directors have been conferencing about how to safely reopen.  Appointments with only one family in the library at a time is one possibility.  Another option is to cut the capacity in half and require masks.  Michael moved and Pat seconded that the Ridgway Library will require masks on patrons and employees until Health Officials say they are no longer required.  Motion passed.  After discussion, a board member will speak to the Marshall about enforcement.

Allowing limited tours of the new library was discussed.  Reservations would be required and small groups would be allowed in with social distancing.

DIRECTORS REPORT:  Kristen presented the latest budget figures.  The ILL is gearing up and will start when several of the area libraries are ready to reopen.  

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Meyers, Secretary