January 4, 2022

Ridgway Public Library
Board of Trustees
Regular Meeting
January 4, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.
Ridgway Public Library
300 Charles St.
(A zoom link was also provided for anyone who wished to join)

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by board President Richard Tucker
Present: Trustees: Julie Duff, Richard Tucker, Sandy Hennessy, Dickson Pratt, Jeff Pryor, Sally Trapp and Jenny Willams.  Library Director Kristen Moberg.  

Approval of Minutes:  Julie Duff moved to approve the minutes from the December 14, 2021 board meeting.  Dickson Pratt seconded.  Motion passed.

Next Meeting:  With new board members joining at this meeting, discussion was had regarding any possible scheduling conflicts.  The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. at the Ridgway Public Library.  A zoom link will be posted for those who wish to join.  

Public Comments:  Val Swarc with the Dark Sky Committee reported that board president Richard Tucker had provided an update on the status of the electrical bids for the proposed work to the Dark Sky Committee.  In addition, Mr. Swarc noted that Top of the Pines achieved a Dark Sky designation and that upcoming press featuring the dark sky initiatives in the area would be featured in the Ridgway Chamber of Commerce Guide.   He also noted that the Ridgway Chamber of Commerce received a Colorado Tourism grant to promote the Dark Skies program.

Friends Update:  No update was provided.  The next meeting of the Friends was to be held on 1/6/22 in the meeting room at the library.

Board of Trustees:
        Welcome New Members
Review Terms for Board Members:  Director Kristin Moberg provided a board roster with contact information and dates of each board member’s term.  
Election of Officers for 2022:
        President: Richard Tucker
        Vice President: Jeff Pryor
        Secretary:  Sally Trapp
        Treasurer:  Julie Duff`
Sally Trapp motioned to approve the slate listed above.  Sandy Hennessy seconded.  Motion passed.

Board of Trustees Goals for 2022:
President Richard Tucker provided an initial list of goals that are listed below in no particular order:

Library Director Evaluation: A committee was formed to formalize the evaluation format.  Board Members Richard Tucker, Sally Trapp, Sandy Hennessy and Julie Duff volunteered to serve on the committee.
Discovery Garden – Programming: Director Moberg will develop programming for the garden space to be launched in the Spring and will work with donor Marti O’Leary to ensure her vision of the space is incorporated.  
RPL and AspenCat website review:  Discussion over user experience was held with board member Jenny Williams offering to review the site for possible changes to make the site easier to navigate.  This would a goal for Q1.  It was noted that AspenCat is run by a consortium and RPL has no control over AspenCat but several board members reported that AspenCat appears to be easily integrated with the RPL site.  Lastly, Julie Duff suggested that we ask a patron volunteer to review the website and offer observations of any challenges.
Financial Reserves:  A goal to rebuild the reserves now that the expansion project is mostly complete was discussed.  Tax revenues and the budget cycle are pending and will be updated in February.  Discussed moving funds from the expansion account to the improvement/reserves account.  Board to revisit this once the financials are finalized.
Critical Strategy Meetings:
Jeff Pryor reported he’d like to further explore possible story lines for the Plaindealer as well as a possible strategy meeting between Friends and the Trustees.  The goals for critical strategy are to be alert and pro-active with outreach to build relationships between local groups and the library.  Board member Jenny Williams mentioned that the BOCC is working to create a new master plan and perhaps the library could be involved in that process.
 Staff Bonuses:  Discussion of staff bonuses was held.  Julie Duff moved that the board approve bonuses of up to $500 per employee.  Director Moberg to distribute.  Jeff Pryor seconded.  Motion passed.  

Director’s Report:  Items on the director’s report that were already discussed were the director evaluation and update on the lighting project.  Director Moberg reported that a new art show featuring local children’s art will begin on 1/7/22.  Other items noted were for the board to consider when it would be appropriate to begin holding receptions again and/or how to engage with the public with events moving forward with Covid-19 precautions.  Neighboring libraries are hosting events while RPL has maintained a cautious Covid protocol.  Trustee handbooks will be assembled.  Lastly, discussion about utilizing the meeting room as a virtual meeting room for community groups to serve as a community resource was held.  Installation of the large screen tv as a media aid was discussed.  

Board member Trapp moved to adjourn.  Richard Tucker seconded.  Motion passed.  

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Trapp, Secretary