March 8, 2022

Ridgway Public Library
Board of Trustees
Regular Meeting
3/8/22 at 1:00 p.m.
Ridgway Public Library
300 Charles St.
(A zoom link was also provided for anyone who wished to join)

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Richard Tucker.

Present: Trustees: Julie Duff, Sandy Hennessy, Dickson Pratt, Jeff Pryor, Sally Trapp, Richard Tucker, Jenny Williams.  Director: Kristen Moberg

Approval of Minutes:  Sandy Hennessy moved to approve the minutes from the February 8, 2022 board meeting.  Dickson Pratt seconded.  Motion passed.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 12th at 1:00 p.m.

Public Comments:  No public comments were made.  

Friends Update:  Trustee Jenny Williams reported that the Friends will be hosting a Spring event with plans for an outdoor event in combination with the Book Sale on Saturday, 4/23/22.

Action and Discussion Items:

Building and Expansion: Exterior Lighting:
CAM electric began work on the lighting change project however they encountered difficulties with achieving the desired results.  The wiring is such that the exterior lighting along the building and post light can’t be individually isolated.  Sally Trapp offered to walk the library grounds at night to observe the light levels with the main lighting turned off with only the new light fixtures turned on.  

CEBT 2022 Renewal:
Director Moberg presented the policy documents from the employer benefit trust/staff health insurance.  After discussion, Sally Trapp moved to accept the policy as presented and Sandy Hennessy seconded.  Motion unanimously carried.  

Exemption from Audit:
The prepared exemption from audit was signed.  

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Julie Duff presented the budget.  One item to note was that the Building Improvement fund pergola project has been scheduled to be addressed as an agenda item at the next meeting.  

Director’s Report:  
Director Kristen Moberg shared the monthly circulation and statistics on patronage.  She also noted that Covid test kits are in plentiful supply for the community.  Next, she presented a draft brochure and requested that the board submit comments on text and design.  Lastly, discussion was held about possibly holding a reception for the May art show installation.  

Board member Sally Trapp motioned to adjourn; Julie Duff seconded.  All approved.  

Respectfully submitted,
Sally Trapp, Secretary