June 7, 2022

Minutes from the
Ridgway Public Library District
Board Of Trustees
Regular Meeting
June 7th, 2022, 1:00 p.m.
Ridgway Public Library
300 Charles St.

Trustees Present:  Julie Duff, Sandy Hennessy, Dickson Pratt, Jeff Pryor, Sally Trapp, Richard Tucker, Jenny Williams

Julie Duff motioned to approve the minutes from the last meeting, Richard Tucker seconded – all approved

NEXT MEETING                
Tuesday, July 5th at 1:00 p.m.

Marti O’Leary provided an update on the Children’s Garden:
Marty will work with Janet Smith to establish a maintenance plan as well as additional plant materials that could be used that are deer and drought resistant.  She’ll also work to establish costs for ongoing maintenance and drip irrigation.

Jenny Williams provided Friends update:
Creating list of projects this Summer that will require limited numbers of staff/trustee input.
They will look to the Fall for scheduling additional items.
Jill and Jennifer will meet with Trustee Jeff Pryor as co-liaison to the Friends regarding the programming ideas


Roof Condition- Discussion about
South Patio
South Patio Pergola:   As a follow up to past discussions regarding a pergola or shade structure as designed in the library expansion plans, Richard Tucker showed the board a website for an aluminum pergola – 13’ x 9’ x 8’2” high from hansohome.com.
Hanso Home  – www.hansohome.com 
Richard asked the group to review the website and report back
Assembly required

Roof:  Discussion was held regarding the condition and age of the original roof slopes that are now twenty-two years old.  Trustee Sally Trapp offered to have her husband who is an insurance adjuster inspect the roof for possible issues.  Director Moberg provided a copy of the replacement roofing quote obtained last year for review.

Julie Duff reported on revenues from Ouray County

DIRECTORS REPORT        Kristen Moberg
The Summer reading program has started with great participation in all age groups.
Janice will be starting children’s program on Thursday 6/10/22
The Summer reading program has awards for each 1000 pages read.  


Board Trustee President Richard Tucker moved that The Board move into Executive Session on this date June 7, 2022, pursuant to statutory authority 24-6-402 (4) (F) C.R.S. for the discussion of a personnel matters regarding the search for a Library Director.
It was confirmed that 2/3 of the Board members are present and the Board approves of this Executive Session. It is confirmed that a public notice had been placed regarding the time and place of this Executive Session. It is confirmed that an electronic recording is being made of this Executive Session and will be retained for ninety (90) days.


Julie Duff motioned to adjourn, Richard Tucker seconded, all approved.